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Archit Singhal – <span> President </span>

Archit Singhal – President

Archit Singhal is a Founder & CEO of AMM hospitality which owns various consumers brands around improving the drinking culture of the country. He is recently working on various initiatives to uplift the career in professional bartending.

Hemant Pathak – <span> Vice President </span>

Hemant Pathak – Vice President

Currently, by day Hemant is working as Mixologist with India’s very famous chef Vikas at high end cocktail Lounge along with speciality Michelin Star Indian restaurant named “Junoon”. It has a lounge bar call “Patiala Lounge” presents contemporary cocktails that crossover many of the herbs and spices found in Indian cuisine. It offers an extensive selection of artisanal spirits that can be used to prepare many of the favourite classics spanning the century.

Apart from this he works with a very famous, New York’s no. 1 Whisky bar calls Flatiron Room where they have more then 1000 different whiskies across the world, where his cocktail creations are among the hottest and most ordered from the menu. He continues constantly to research mixology and keep up to speed with the latest developments.

Ramita Chatterjee – <span>Secretary</span>

Ramita Chatterjee – Secretary

A young soul that has entered the world of mixology and knows more than she thinks she knows. She is your go-to person for anything you need. She works with rigour to keep up with the trends in the industry and believes in the power of knowledge. With her ability to learn things fast, she is sure to make a mark!

Yangdup Lama- <span>IBG Chapter Leader Delhi</span>

Yangdup Lama- IBG Chapter Leader Delhi

Fourteen years of bartending experience from the Hyatt Regency, Delhi to managing bars in private and corporate parties in Northern India Yangdup Lama has been actively involved with conducting corporate and consumer workshops on various aspects of beverage appreciation. He is regarded as one of the best mixologists in the country and the owner of Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy

Evgenya Prazdnik – <span>IBG Chapter Leader Goa </span>

Evgenya Prazdnik – IBG Chapter Leader Goa

Evgenya Prazdnik has been an official contender of international bartenders competitions.Fluent in both English and Russian, she belongs to that elegant niche of female mixologists whose skills are unmatched in the modern liquor industry. Not only charming, Evgenya showcases her intellect in the art of mixing liquor not just in terms of its ingredients and flavour, but to also add theatre to it. A main component in the art of mixology

Vineet Mishra – <span>IBG Chapter Leader North India</span>

Vineet Mishra – IBG Chapter Leader North India

Vineet Mishra is a beverage professional who has an expertise in whiskey. He is the first ever Indian to have visited 52 distilleries in Scotland. He has worked with many famous hotel groups like Oberoi and Taj. Vineet has trained various bartenders around India and owns the group called Cocktail Jockey. He has actively big brands like Diageo, Pernod-Ricard and Bacardi

Pankaj Kamble – <span>IBG Chapter Leader Pune </span>

Pankaj Kamble – IBG Chapter Leader Pune

Pankaj Kamble a prodigy with a knack of Mixology & Flair, creative and craze for innovation is what can easily define him. A true example of passion and patience, has helped him master the art of flaring and mixing. Winning accolades like the Guinness Book World Record, Skyy Vodka flair bartending, bagged 1st place in Angostura bitters National Cocktail Championship and has represented India in Trinidad and Tabago has helped him spread the style of flaring. A cherry to top all would recent Limca Book Of Records for longest domino trail.

As a Celebrity trainer, he has conducted more than 50 workshops across India. Also has designed Pune university course module for beverages and still works closely with universities as consultant.

Rohan Carvalho – <span>IBG Chapter Leader Bangalore </span>

Rohan Carvalho – IBG Chapter Leader Bangalore

With over a decade of experience throughout the bartending industry Rohan Carvalho has been training & consulting leading spirit brands & bars across the country. He’s a certified trainer and has been providing beverage training to both F & B professionals and consumers on insight and appreciation of cocktails & spirits. Currently Rohan shares his passion & expertise with novice bartenders at his bartending academy, Bar Square in Bangalore

Indranil Chatterjee – <span> IBG Chapter Leader Kolkata </span>

Indranil Chatterjee – IBG Chapter Leader Kolkata

Indranil Chatterjee is an eminent F&B professional from Kolkata. He is an experienced individual in the field of hospitality. He has trained and guided many bartenders from all over East India, including places like Darjeeling, Siliguri, Guwahati and even Port Blair. Having had his outreach to places like Bhutan, where he has designed the menu for two prominent nightclubs, he is sure to find himself in the global limelight in the years to come

Pranav Thakkar – <span>  IBG Chapter Leader – Mumbai </span>

Pranav Thakkar – IBG Chapter Leader – Mumbai

Mukesh Khatri  – <span> IBG Chapter Leader – Mumbai </span>

Mukesh Khatri – IBG Chapter Leader – Mumbai


IBG is a great platform for exchanging bartending tips, sharing innovative tricks,super cool cooperation of passionate mixing stars. Literally IBG is a comfort zone for bartenders,where they can always express them-self through elevating skills, participations in bartending competitions, attending masterclasses of industry experts. Together we can make Indian bartending bigger and better! Amen!

Evgenya Prazdnik

Evgenya Prazdnik

Think tending bar isn’t a real career? You’re wrong. The craft of bartending is coming in India, and some of us are even called “mixologists” now. I love being your psychiatrist-matchmaker-entertainer-friend. Otherwise, I wouldn’t tend bars.




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