About Us


Fostering and developing the beverage hospitality industry to enable mixologists and make advancements in professional bartending.


To build a community of hospitality professionals and enthusiasts to foster and make developments in the beverage hospitality industry and to make advancements in professional bartending. We see ourselves as a global community with a huge potential for growth in hospitality and bartending. Our mission is to foster the profession of mixology in India so that our community can see it as an honourable career choice and we make it available for all aspiring as well as professional bartenders.How do we do it?

Our extremely dedicated team devoted to work with our dedicated partners to enrich the career advancement of our members through peer-to-peer learning, expert advice and counselling, bartending projects, and fair competition. IBG enriches this experience by organizing cocktail competitions, sponsoring networking seminars with globally recognized brand representatives, and cement relationships with the best and top-notch talents in cities all over India.
We provide our members to work in the best professional environment, master the art of bartending to perfection, travel around the world, and spread this invaluable knowledge they gain with us to their peers and upcoming professionals in this industry.


Supporting the communities we serve Through national & local initiatives, we connect and build relationships with our peers and professionals of this industry and our customers. Our main motive of growing professionally is supporting the bars and restaurant communities that we diligently serve to.


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