IBG Membership

Membership Type


A Hospitality Professional Member shares our vision and works primarily in the hospitality industry as a strict professional of a bar, restaurant, hotel, or a catering company. This category includes all professionals, such as bartenders, owners, executive management bar backs, servers, sommeliers, restaurant/bar managers, etc who may or may not derive occasional income as an agent of a consulting, media, or beverage supply/distribution company.


An Associate Member shares our vision and primarily earns income as an agent of a consulting, media, beverage supply/distribution company, or other company with a professional inclination towards the hospitality industry. This category includes all representatives of beverage suppliers/distributors, PR/Marketing representatives, brand ambassadors, media, consultants and representatives of hospitality advocacy groups.


An Enthusiast Member shares our vision and receives no regular income from the hospitality industry and supports IBG for personal interests and gaining experience.

Why become a Member?

Cocktail Competitions

  • Exclusive invitations to compete in brand sponsored and India Bartenders’ sanctioned contests. These competitions encourage creativity and challenge bartenders to put themselves in the limelight.

Educational Events

  • Free tastings, masterclasses, and seminars offered several times a year. We have master mixologists from all over the globe covering topics from product knowledge and cocktail preparation, to history, and tricks of the trade.

Career Advancement

  • Professional development, networking and job opportunities with the top bartenders and their bars locally and through the national network of the India Bartenders’ Guild. The network is spread out all over the country and internationally as well.

IBG Accreditation

  • Access online through your personal login and account.

Communicate with all bartenders via the IBG Forum

  • Access to online portal that serves as a virtual forum to exchange ideas.