In Conversation with Pamela Wiznitzer

In Conversation with Pamela Wiznitzer

In Conversation with Pamela Wiznitzer, the President of the New York City Chapter of United States Bartender’s Guild – USBG which is one of the largest bartender guilds around the world comprising of 42 chapters across United States.

India Bartender’s Guild met with the Pamela at a guest bartending shift at One Street Over in Mumbai. For a female bartender, she was as charming as she could get and definitely the kind of fun lady every bar would want to have. She has been a former bartender at Dead Rabbit NYC (Ranked 2nd best bar in the world). When we asked her why she left such an esteemed place to work for a new standalone job in New York, she was quick to say, “It was the long hours. Plus I the needed to do more creative work.” She believes that heading the NYC Chapter of United States Bartender Guild has been a more challenging work but she had an advantage, given the network she has been able to create with the liquor companies and top bartenders around the world.

We spoke extensively about United States Bartenders Guild and the need for a similar organisation in India. In spite of being a first time traveller to India, she was confident to say India is a huge market for bartenders and such an organisation can be much bigger than USBG, in years to come. India has a huge pool of talent and the number of bartenders in a one chapter can be bigger than the total membership of USBG.
The association with International Bartender Association has helped USBG to gain significant recognition across the world and it has given exposure to their members at a global level. We agreed that this wasn’t the case with the Indian market and that is something that the market lacks.

USBG works with most of the major liquor brands to facilitate their master classes, cocktail competition and even help them find their brand ambassador. She smiled and said, ‘Alcohol companies are able get access to our 6000+ member base instantly and promote wider participation across various chapters in the United States.”

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